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Custom Decals:

Custom Decals

Custom decal printed on special paper is a way to to apply the power of graphics editor to the surface of the model you make.

Scale model painting

If you are interested in scale models painting and assembling you are in the right place. The goal of this site is to provide you with some information and software that helps you in painting your scale models to make them very close to reality. Enjoy both the process of painting and the excelent exterior of your models.
Scale Model Draft

Paint codes

Model painting manuals and descriptions ususally reffer to code of color defined by some color standard or code of paint defined by paint manufacturer. The most popular groups of codes are :


  • Federal Standard 595B
  • British Standard (BS)
  • US Mobility Equipment Research & Design Command
  • NATO camouflage
  • RAL
  • RLM

  • Gunze Color
  • Life Color
  • Polly scale
  • Revell
  • Vallejo
  • Tamiya
  • Model master
  • Humbrol
  • Heller

Often colors that have different standard codes are identical or similar enough. Also in most cases it's possible to find paint(s) that can be used instead of recommended one. For example color "Federal Standard 595B - 30279" and color "US Mobility Equipment Research & Design Command - "Deserd Sand" " are the same; this color is close enough to color "FC - 30313". Most applicable paints for these colors are: "Life Color - UA089" or "Polly Scale - 505210".

Paint combination

Sometimes painting schemes provided by model kit manufacturers recommend to use not only certain paints, but also mixts of the paints (for example 30% of paint "A" plus 70% of paint "B"). In most cases it's also possible to find the paint(s) that is close enough to the the resulting color the paint combination.

Recommended mixt: Resulting color of the mixt: Applicable paints:
Tamiya X4 : 25%  
Tamiya X6 : 75%  

  Life Color UA088
  Humbrol 113

Scale lighting

The fact that some detail of the prototype (for example aircraft) is painted with some color doesn't mean that this detail of the model should be painted with the same color too. The color of a small model seems to be darker then the same color applied to some bigger model. This illusion of the vision should be taken in account when you choose paints for your model; especiaaly if you use information about painting the model made for some different scale, or descriptions of the prototype. In short words the smaller the model is the lighter the color should be.
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Software for model painters

PCB Palette/l/ is very simple, easy to use and affordable software product that helps you to:
  • keep all your colors in one place
  • systemize the colors by categories - color groups
  • select top-list of colors that are most matched to the target color
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PaintAssistant is a software product that includs:
  • Database of Paints and Color standards;
  • Search tool to find the paints you can use instead of the given one, if it isn't available for some reason;
  • Search tool to find the applicable paints to get some color deffined by RGB or picked from color palette;
  • Tool to pick the color from graphic file like the photo of some model or prototype;
  • Averager for picked colors;
  • Scale lighting control;
  • Paint combination calculator.
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  • 04/19/09
    1st product of the new p/line is released.
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    Manual Sort option in Custom Color List.

  • 01/05/08
    PaintAssistant V2.4 is released.
    Now you can export your custom color list to HTML and use webbrowser to print out the colors you select for a model painting project.

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    PaintAssistant V2.3 is released.
    New options of custom color list;
    Heller paints are added to the database;
    British standard is added to the database

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    PaintAssistant V2.2 is released.

  • 04/09/07
    Free software product SL-Calculator is available. Read more about sacale-lighting.

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